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Houston, Harris, Texas, USA


Latitude: 29.7601927, Longitude: -95.36938959999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERNHARDT, Richard Paul  25 Nov 1918Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3041
2 CARTWRIGHT, James Andrew  7 Jan 1985Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36661
3 DEXTER, Frank Dwyer  8 Nov 1900Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I32484
4 ETIE, Genevieve Louise  20 Jul 1918Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2884
5 HARTWELL, Rev. Arthur Edward  15 May 1886Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13482
6 KERN, Jack Charles Jr.  3 Apr 1921Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13541
7 KING, Kurt Alan  28 Dec 1963Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2885
8 LAMBERTH, Harold Eugene  1 Aug 1933Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13480
9 LAMBERTH, Hellmuth Leroy  19 Jun 1921Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13479
10 LEE, Mary Alice  21 Jun 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13915
11 REUTZEL, Harry Perry  10 Nov 1903Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I14229
12 SPICER, Anne Della  21 Jan 1903Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12471
13 VAUGHN, Mary Louise  23 Nov 1915Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I8933
14 VON ROSENBERG, Eugene Dale  30 Jan 1956Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12943
15 WARNKEN, Catherine Olga  7 Oct 1913Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I9650


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALSOBROOK, Ray  24 Jul 1962Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13629
2 BROSSMANN, Metta  5 Aug 1928Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3956
3 BUCK, Ruby Alene  30 May 2013Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2923
4 DEWHITT, David Jerry  11 Sep 2004Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13287
5 FINCK, Henry  4 Apr 1948Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13820
6 FINCK, Henry Joseph  22 May 1967Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I10122
7 HELLMUTH, Charles Frederick  24 Nov 1938Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12539
8 HELLMUTH, Gardner Benjamin  21 May 1951Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12541
9 JOHNSON, Alice Helen  17 Oct 1942Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13917
10 KING, Leonard Steve  22 Dec 1974Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2883
11 KNUST, Esther Theresie Ottilie  31 Jul 1994Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I24553
12 KOENIG, Johann Heinrich  27 May 1984Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I29020
13 LAMBERTH, Harold Eugene  11 Aug 1933Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13480
14 LAMBERTH, Lee Daniel  17 Apr 1948Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12570
15 LEE, William Albert  23 Nov 1951Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13916
16 LEWIS, Alene  14 Jan 1991Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2895
17 MEERSCHEIDT, Philip Alexander  14 Aug 1992Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I17926
18 MOSS, Edward Harry  18 Nov 1946Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12592
19 MUENZLER, Esther Amanda  27 Mar 1998Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13973
20 NEUMANN, Pauline  28 Feb 1943Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13821
21 RABENSBURG, Aubrey Henry  4 Jun 1986Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2922
22 RISINGER, Furman Leon  1985Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I14184
23 RISINGER, James Allen  16 Jun 1961Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I14187
24 ROGERS, Dave Dickerson  17 Apr 1984Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12761
25 SIPTAK, Kimberly Sue  11 May 1972Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13513
26 SPECKELS, Johanna Clementine  8 Jul 1959Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3622
27 SPENGLER, Eva (?Catharina)  7 Jul 1931Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I66
28 TODD, Kathlyn  9 Jun 1948Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13924
29 TOMLINSON, Hendley Edgar  13 Mar 1969Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12611
30 VON ROSENBERG, Alma Julie  16 Jan 1963Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12606
31 VON ROSENBERG, Edgar Lynn  11 Mar 2006Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36177
32 VON ROSENBERG, Martin Arnold  10 Sep 1991Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13702
33 VON ROSENBERG, Monte Joan  22 Jun 1982Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13718
34 VOSS, Wilhelmina  14 Mar 1956Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I24911


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FRICKE / TOWNS  26 Apr 1941Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F9725
2 HABERMACHER / VON ROSENBERG  21 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F7177
3 HELLMUTH / GRAY  30 Dec 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F8825
4 KOERTH / HELLMUTH  3 Oct 1934Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F8827
5 NEUMANN / MUENZLER  29 May 1945Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F9721
6 THOMPSON / KRAUSE  9 Sep 1944Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F9900
7 VON ROSENBERG / LEE  5 Apr 1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA F9673